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Our Basic Principles

1. We oppose the use of Mass Burn Incineration* for dealing with the West of England's residual waste.

2. We should adopt an immediate recycling target of 50%, with 70% in the longer term, and work towards a genuine zero waste strategy. We should be segregating more of our recyclables on the doorstep, to ensure we get good quality raw materials for recycling. Collected mixed waste should then be sorted to recover the maximum remaining recyclable material.

3. We should reduce waste miles.

4. Waste disposal facilities should be small-scale, and sited as close as possible to where waste is being created.

5. Waste disposal methods should be chosen in order to minimise our climate change impacts.

*The West of England Joint Residual Municipal Waste Strategy recommends that we build an "Energy from Waste" plant to process our residual waste from 2015 onwards. The Strategy defines "Energy from Waste" as "Energy that is recovered by thermally treating i.e. incinerating waste". However, the term "Energy from Waste" has been used misleadingly in this context, as it can actually cover a multitude of different technologies, where it is not necessarily tied to incineration. Also, incinerators can be small scale, but the plant proposed for the West of England, would have a minimum capacity of 160,000 tonnes p.a. We think, therefore, that a more honest description of what is proposed for the West of England is "mass burn incineration".

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